Office of Student Life

University Conduct Board Membership

Service on the University Conduct Board

The University Conduct Board (UCB) hears cases in which students are charged with non-academic violations of the Code of Student Conduct. The UCB is comprised of students, faculty, and staff from across the university. Upon the completion of training and recommendation by the Director of Student Conduct:

  • the Sr. Vice President for Student Life appoints fifteen faculty and staff to serve three-year, renewable terms
  • Undergraduate Student Government appoints fifteen undergraduate students
  • Council of Graduate Students appoints six graduate students
  • Inter-Professional Council appoints four professional students

By modeling civility and care during, what can often be, a challenging experience for students, the UCB provides a valuable service to the entire university by upholding the university’s standards through a fair and impartial hearing.

UCB members commit their time and energy to support our mission to uphold the Code of Student Conduct, using an educational and holistic approach to accountability whenever possible. They demonstrate sound judgment while adjudicating student conduct matters during a critical time in a student’s college experience.


All UCB members must complete training at least once each year. The training includes:

  • developing skills to ask questions that are more likely to elicit responses with relevant information;
  • appreciating how trauma, the passage of time and other factors may affect a participant’s memory;
  • learning how to evaluate the weight and credibility of information presented during the hearing; and 
  • understanding and applying the “preponderance of the evidence” standard to render a decision.

Additionally, all board members must attend all training and development sessions deemed necessary by the Student Conduct staff throughout the academic year.

Student Membership:

To be eligible for appointment or service, a student must possess a minimum 2.5 cumulative grade point average, not be under current disciplinary sanction from the university, and complete annual training held during the beginning of the school year.



Applications for 2023-2024 can be found at this link: 

Please email Kirby Bell at if you have any questions.