Office of Student Life

Student Conduct


Types of Hearings

  • Administrative Hearing
  • University Conduct Board (UCB) Hearing

Students have the option to request a hearing in accordance with and as provided by Ohio Law to resolve charges through the conduct process.

For either an Administrative or a UCB hearing, students can expect:

Hearing Packet

This packet contains all of the relevant information acquired during the investigation. It is IMPERATIVE that the student review this packet as soon as possible because there is limited time to add additional material to the packet before it is finalized for the hearing.

Hearing packets contain documents protected by federal educational records law, you may not save, print, screenshot, photograph, or otherwise seek to "record" the document. However, you may take personal notes.

Hearing Notice

At least ten calendar days before the hearing, Student Conduct’s Office Associate will send a letter to the student that contains:

  • Name of the Administrative hearing officer or UCB Coordinator assigned to hear the case;
  • Date and time of the hearing (we check the student’s schedule to avoid class conflicts);
  • A list of witnesses invited to participate in the hearing. Students may request the hearing officer invite additional witnesses, with relevant information, up to two business days before the hearing.

Pre-hearing Conference

We request students schedule a pre-hearing conference with their Administrative hearing officer or UCB Coordinator prior to the hearing to review questions about the hearing process and/or review the hearing packet in person.


  • Students should arrive promptly for their hearings.
  • An example hearing overview is linked above called Example Hearing Script
  • While formal business attire is not required, most students dress appropriately for the occasion.
  • As previously indicated, students may bring one advisor to the hearing. 
  • The hearing is audio recorded, we ask all involved please speak clearly when possible.
  • If breaks are needed, please ask. We try to accommodate all reasonable requests as soon as possible.


It can take some time to send notice of the hearing outcome, Students may always call or email their Administrative hearing officer or Board Coordinator to ask for an update.


Due to space constraints, all hearings are conducted using Carmen Zoom. We've found that our students seem less nervous, more confident and better-prepared using this format. If you have questions about Zoom, please ask your Administrative hearing officer or Board coordinator during your pre-hearing conference.