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Student Mediation Program

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Student Conduct has partnered with the Moritz College of Law to offer free mediation services to all Ohio State students as an avenue to resolve conflicts and disagreements.

Mediation is a problem-solving process guided by a neutral third party who assists in understanding the issues and exploring options, with the goal of resolving the dispute. All parties have the opportunity to express their concerns. The mediator will not choose sides and will not attempt to determine who is telling the truth or who is lying. The mediation process is confidential with limited exceptions.

Common Disputes Resolved by Mediation:

  • Roommate conflicts
  • Money disputes
  • Property disputes
  • Work-related disputes
  • Student Organizations disputes
  • Group Project disputes
  • Relationship disputes

Benefits of Mediation:

  • Effective, known for a high success rate
  • Fast and convenient
  • Free
  • Confidential
  • Voluntary
  • Saves your reputation
  • Expands your options
  • All parties have a say
  • Agreement is self-determined

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