Office of Student Life

Student Conduct


Suspension is a temporary separation from the university. Suspended students may return to the university at the end of the suspension period so long as they complete any sanctions given. In some cases, re-enrollment is subject to other stipulations or a petition process. Students should carefully read their outcome letter to understand the length and terms of their suspension.

Suspension affects a student’s current enrollment – you could be dropped from all of your classes regardless of your progress. Your financial aid or eligibility for a refund is likewise probably affected by this sanction. We encourage you to continue working with your advisor and/or to consult with the Office of Student Advocacy.

The effective date of your suspension is identified in your outcome letter. Please continue reading until the end to understand how the appeal process affects the implementation of your suspension.

  • You have the right to appeal. You must submit your appeal within five (5) business days from the date on the outcome letter.
  • Unless a student is otherwise notified in writing, a suspension will not take effect until after the appeal period.
  • Please see the Code of Student Conduct, Section 3335-23-18 and our webpage explaining the appeal process for further information.
  • If you appeal: While the appeal is under review, your status as an Ohio State student is the same as before receiving your outcome letter. If you were enrolled and attending classes, you may continue while your appeal is under review.
    • Any existing restrictions or stipulations will remain in effect for the duration of your appeal period. (e.g. interim suspension, restrictions, housing changes, no contact orders).
    • You will be responsible for any charges (e.g. housing, tuition, etc.) incurred during the appeal period.
  • Once your suspension has been processed, you may not enter any Ohio State campus, facility, grounds, or sponsored event without the express permission of the Vice President for Student Life, or their designee, the Dean of Students. Permission is granted on a limited basis. Attending a scheduled appointment with a Student Conduct staff member does not require the Vice President or Dean of Student’s approval.
  • To request permission to enter any Ohio State campus, facility, grounds, or sponsored event, email the Dean of Students at
  • Your presence on campus without express permission may result in your arrest for trespassing.
  • Your suspension is noted on your academic transcript during the suspension period or until all sanctions are complete.