Office of Student Life


The Code of Student Conduct provides students the right to appeal the original decision resolving their charges. Refer to the Appeal Procedures document for additional information about the process. 


The Code provides specific grounds upon which students can appeal:

Procedural error that resulted in material harm or prejudice to the student (i.e. by preventing a fair, impartial, or proper hearing). Deviations from the designated procedures will not be a basis for sustaining an appeal unless material harm or prejudice results;

Discovery of substantial new evidence that was unavailable at the time of the hearing and which reasonably could have affected the decision of the hearing body; or

Disciplinary sanction imposed is grossly disproportionate to the violation(s) committed, considering the relevant aggravating and/or mitigating factors.

Submitting an Appeal

Students submit their appeal request and any supporting documentation through this online form. Students should review the online form first, then gather their materials and write draft responses to the form’s questions. Preparing this material in advance is important because you cannot save this form “in progress” and come back to it later.

This form is available to students who wish to submit a printed "hard copy" appeal in person, by mail, or as an attachment to an email. Due to construction projects in and arround Lincoln Tower and varying staff schedules, students must call Student Conduct at 614-292-0748 to schedule an appointment before attempting to deliver an appeal in person.


Students have five business days to submit their appeal. Students experiencing extraordinary circumstances may request a reasonable extension from the Student Conduct staff member who sent the outcome. Granted extensions rarely exceed four additional business days. 

Hearing Materials

If you are appealing the outcome of a hearing, you may review the hearing packet and the audio recording of the hearing in the Student Conduct office file review room. Please call 614-292-0748 to make an appointment. If you are not in Columbus or if other circumstances prevent you from coming in to the office, contact your administrative hearing officer or board coordinator to discuss other options to review hearing materials.


You may continue working with an advisor as you consider submitting an appeal. We strongly encourage students receiving sanctions involving separation from the university (suspension or dismissal) to consult with the Student Advocacy Center regarding questions about the impact those sanctions may have on their university account, transcript, current enrollment, and degree progress. The answers to those questions may affect what you include in your appeal. Students can only appeal ONCE. Thus if you are later surprised by the affect your suspension date had, for example, on your financial aid and you did not include that information in your appeal, there is no recourse.

Other Appeals

Students appealing outcomes issued by the Committee on Academic Misconduct (COAM) should follow the instructions found in their outcome letter. Student Conduct does NOT accept appeals for COAM cases.

Student Conduct also does NOT accept or process appeals regarding academic dismissal related to grades. Students should seek direction from their academic advisor.