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No Contact Orders

Students who:

  • are being harassed, stalked, or threatened (or were in the past) by an Ohio State student;
  • were assaulted or threatened with assault by an Ohio State student; or
  • who have other concerns for their safety due to the conduct of an Ohio State Student

may speak with a Hearing Officer about putting a No Contact Order in place.

If you are the victim of stalking, sexual harassment, threats, or sexual violence, the order may be put in place automatically by Student Conduct upon the initiation of a complaint in our office, during the course of the investigation, and possibly after the case is over.

A No Contact Order directs the student to have no contact with you in any way, whether through “in-person" contact or

  • via email,
  • by telephone,
  • through text messaging,
  • over social media (such as Facebook, Instagram, Snap Chat, etc.), or
  • through third parties acting on the student’s behalf.

Should a student fail to comply with a No Contact Order, the student may be subject to discipline for violating the Code of Student Conduct.

No Contact Orders are not the same as protective orders, which prohibit persons from being present near or in the same location as the person seeking protection. For more information about protection orders, please visit the university’s Title IX page.

If you want to discuss a No Contact Order, please contact our office directly by phone at 614-292-0748 or by email to