Creating the Extraordinary Student Experience

Accountability Measures

The Buckeye Pledge – on and off-campus behavior 

Students must adhere to all of the commitments found in the Buckeye Pledge and the requirements found on the Safe and Healthy Buckeyes website. This includes wearing face masks and practicing physical distancing. On-campus residents may not have visitors or overnight guests. And there can be no gatherings or events with more than 10 in-person participants.   

We remind students and student organizations that health orders, directives and advisories apply to all their activities and gatherings, whether on- or off-campus. Failure to abide by those directives, orders and advisories can – just like failing to follow all applicable local, state and federal laws – subject students and student organizations to disciplinary action under the Code of Student Conduct. 

If found in violation, Student Conduct would select accountability outcomes that are commensurate with both the intentionality of a student’s choices and the impact on the community that either resulted or could have resulted from the student’s actions. As in any conduct case, there may be mitigating and aggravating factors that can influence the outcome on a continuum, including but not limited to: 

  • the student’s understanding and acceptance of their non-compliance with applicable requirements as well as the harm or potential harm caused by their behavior 
  • the student’s prior history of conduct violations, if any 
  • evaluating what outcomes will help the student in preventing the behavior from reoccurring 
  • the use of alcohol or drugs (always an aggravating factor) 

A student or registered student organization’s intentional failure to adhere to health orders and university directives critical to protecting the health and safety of the Ohio State and Columbus communities will result in the most serious sanctions available in the Student Conduct process, including: 

Individual Students

Individual students could be: 

  • immediately placed on interim suspension, denied access to campus and removed from all but online classes 
  • removed from on-campus housing, if applicable 
  • placed on disciplinary probation, which could result in the loss of certain privileges including the future ability to participate in university-sponsored travel, or subject to other disciplinary action
  • suspended or permanently dismissed from the university
  • denied other privileges and benefits, such as access to athletic tickets 

Registered Student Organizations

Registered student organizations could: 

  • lose registered student recognition status or be placed on deferred revocation  
  • lose Council of Student Affairs (CSA) funding and/or programming funds 
  • denied the opportunity to request university event or program space  
  • lose access to current or future athletic and other ticket inventory they may have access to as a part of the student organization  
  • deemed ineligible for organizational awards and honors from Student Life 

Because of the severe risk to health and safety, information reported to the university may be shared with public health authorities, property owners, parents or guardians and law enforcement.