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Disciplinary Records Checks


Student Conduct records are protected under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). More information about FERPA (PDF)

Disciplinary Records Checks for Students

Our office completes thousands of disciplinary records checks each year.

Students and former students who need a disciplinary verification form completed for graduate or professional school, a study abroad experience, or for any other reason can bring the form to our office in person, email it to, or fax it to 614-292-2098.  

Please take care to complete the form with your name and necessary identifying information, such as your date of birth or student identification number. You must also sign and date the form.

If you choose to come to our office, we can often complete the form while you wait. Sometimes we will need more time. To be safe, students should bring the disciplinary verification form to our office AT LEAST seven business days before it is due. Please call 614-292-0748 first to confirm our office will be open as we occasionally close due to emergencies, meetings or hearings.

The length of time we report on records depends on the outcome of the case. For example, if a student is suspended or dismissed from the university, we report on the record permanently. If a student receives a sanction other than suspension or dismissal, we report on the record for ten years. Unless the request specifically asks for information about investigations without charges, we would NOT report on cases in which we did not issue charges. We still maintain the record for at least one year.

Third Parties (employers, other universities, etc.)

Third parties seeking information about a student's disciplinary record must have written authorization from the student in order for us to diclose their disciplinary history.

Other Records Checks

Our office provides information regarding disciplinary records only. Please direct inquiries regarding a student's academic standing or knowledge regarding character and fitness to the univeristy Registrar or the student's academic college or advisor.